Admissions Policy



1          Pupils numbers will be strictly regulated so that the maximum legally permitted is not exceeded.

2         Prior to a child’s attendance, the parents or carers must complete and sign a registration form, giving the following  information:

Name, home address and date of birth

Start date and sessions required

Arrangements for payment of fees

Name Address and telephone number of parents carers and  emergency contact.

Name & telephone number of Child’s Doctor and health visitor

Known special needs or Health requirements

Details of allergies or special diet

Ethnic background

Religion or Faith

Arrangements for collection

3          Parents or carers will also be asked to provide the nursery with any further information which they feel will enable us to take the best care of their children.  This includes bottle feeding habits, dummy use etc. Daytime sleep patterns should also be written down together with any ways which seem successful in getting the child to sleep if there are difficulties.

We provide a staffing ratio in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure that children have sufficient individual attention and to guarantee care and education of a high quality.  Our staff are appropriately qualified and we carry out checks with the Criminal Records Bureau in accordance with statutory requirements.

Staff Ratios

Children under two years of age                               1 adult : 3 children

Children aged two years of age                                  1 adult : 4 children

Children aged three – eight years of age                  1 adult : 8 children


A minimum of two staff are on duty at any one time.