Policy Section

Admissions Policy

1.  Pupils numbers will be strictly regulated so that the maximum legally permitted is not exceeded.

2. Prior to a child’s attendance the nursery, the parents or carers must complete and sign a registration form, giving the following information:

  • Name, home address and date of birth
  • Start date and sessions required
  • Arrangements for payment of fees
  • Name Address and telephone number of parents carers and emergency contact.
  • Name & telephone number of Child’s Doctor and health visitor
  • Known special needs or Health requirements
  • Details of allergies or special diet
  • Ethnic background
  • Religion or Faith
  • Arrangements for child collection

3. Parents or carers will also be asked to provide the nursery with any further information which they feel will enable us to take the best care of their children.  This includes bottle feeding habits, dummy use etc. Daytime sleep patterns should also be written down  together with any ways which seem successful in getting the child to sleep if there are difficulties.


We provide a staffing ratio in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure that children have sufficient individual attention and to guarantee care and education of a high quality.  Our staff are appropriately  qualified and we carry out checks with the Criminal Records Bureau in accordance with statutory requirements.

Staff Ratios:

Children under two years of age                                                      1 adult :3 children

Children aged two  years of age                                                        1 adult : 4 children

Children aged three – eight years of age                                         1 adult : 8 children

A minimum of two staff are on duty at any one time.



Working in partnership with parents is of major value and importance, in enabling the nursery to provide a happy and stable environment for children and parents.


1          The nursery manager or key worker will be available for discussion with the parents should this be required. Arrangements  can be made for more private discussions at agreed times.

2          Information provided by parents about their children will be kept confidential and treated on a need to know basis.

3          Information regarding the children’s activities throughout the day is always available to parents on a daily basis by verbal communication, or in the Baby’s own book.

4          If we have any concerns about a child’s wellbeing during the day every effort will be made to contact the parents or emergency contact.

5          Parents are asked to keep us informed of any changes to personal circumstances which may have an effect upon the child.

6          Parents are asked to keep us informed of any circumstance which could have an effect on a child’s emotional wellbeing e.g. bereavement, separation or illness in the family.

7          Parents can see the details of the daily activities on the notice board.

8          We encourage parents to send in photos, old boxes and cartons for topic work.

9          All Children have an online learning journal that parents can access at any time, Parents are notified via email when any observations or updates are recorded, any other written records are available to parents upon written request, except in exceptional circumstances where data protection law stipulates it is against the best interest of the child to do so.

10        The children have sharing bears that they take in turns to look after at home for a few days, each bear has it’s own diary and parents are asked to write in it with their child, the child gets to bring the bear back to nursery and share their experiences with their friends.

11        Rainbow holds a summer concert and a Christmas Nativity play for the older children and a carol concert for the younger children, these give parents the opportunities to meet each other and enjoy a social situation together with their child. We also try to have an annual outing (weather permitting)

12        Parent meetings are held termly or as necessary giving parents time to discuss their child’s progress and contribute to their next steps, they also give parents a chance to see what activities are available and how they link with the curriculum.

Please ask to see our parents policy booklet for more information on our other policies when you view the nursery, we have over 100 policies and it would be impossible to put them all on our website.